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Day: June 22, 2015

Grade 7 _ All sections _ Math _ Weekly highlights (15th to 19th June, 2015)

Grade 7 _ All sections _ Math _ Weekly highlights (15th to 19th June, 2015)

During the last week, we started with

1) Decimal expansion (Terminating, Non-terminating, Repeating and Non-repeating) from the ppt

2)  Then, we moved to squares of numbers from 1 to 20 and cubes of numbers from 1 to 10. Students also learnt what are perfect squares and non perfect squares and what are perfect cubes and non perfect cubes.

3) Then, they also learnt the method of prime factorisation to find out whether the given number is perfect square or perfect cube or not.

4) We also discussed examples of Irrational numbers and about complex  numbers in brief using a ppt.

5) Worksheet no- 1 and 2 on Number system was discussed with the students in the class.


Urvi Shah, Jyoti Khandelwal and Karan Chevli


Grade 8 “Highlight of the week ” PHE

Grade 8 “Highlight of the week ” PHE

Highlight of the week  in PHE

Dear Parents

During the last week student cover a topic on “Skeletal and muscular system”

Highlight of the activities

  • Students learnt about skeletal system and muscular system
  • learnt about bones and skeletal muscle
  • major muscle group with their location in human body

This week we will start with effect of exercise on these system


Rakesh bharti

Physical and health education team

Grade 12 | ITGS | Highlights of the week

Grade 12 | ITGS | Highlights of the week

Dear Parents,

We began this academic session by learning the topic “Health” which is a part of Strand 2 in ITGS(Information Technology in a Global Society). We completed this chapter in 2 successive cycles. We covered the following topics in breadth:

1)Evaluate the ways IT can be used in
a.Patient diagnostics
c.Patient treatment
2)Consequences of technology addiction
3)Evaluate ability of online medical advice
4)How to prevent overuse injuries

Here is a video of a small activity done by the students to understand the concept of Patient Simulators.

Heath Topics as per ITGS

This week we will start with “Introduction to Project Management”, a topic from Strand 3. This will help the students to kick off their Internal Assessment Project whose first draft they are supposed to submit in Aug’15 and the final project in Nov’15.

Category A

As a first step, students are asked to do Initial Investigation and Consultation with the Client and come up with a draft by Thursday, 25th Jun’15. They should follow academic honesty during all the phases of the project.

Thanks & Regards,
ITGS Team.

Monsoon Season 2015 @ FS….

Monsoon Season 2015 @ FS….

Greetings Parents,

We are commencing our PE activities from June 23rd, 2015 so we kindly request you to assist us in making the students learning a success by providing your wards with an extra pair of uniform (School shirt, School shorts and a pair of floaters) for the current monsoon season. The weather is favorable for certain activities that we will be indulging in during the monsoon.

This is a humble request for you to abide by the same…

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Have a great day,

Grade 4 & 5 Pe Team…

Grade 8 _ Vivacity _ Math _ Weekly updates(15th to 19th June, 2015)

Grade 8 _ Vivacity _ Math _ Weekly updates(15th to 19th June, 2015)

During the last week, students learnt:

1) Method of estimating square-root of non-perfect squares and cube-roots of non-perfect cubes.

2)  Laws of indices/exponents with examples.

3) They also worked out sums from exercise 1.3A to 1.3H  (which have sums based on Laws of Indices)from Checkpoint- 3.

4)  One worksheet on Integers, powers and roots was also being done in the class which covered sums based on Laws of indices.



Urvi Shah


Worksheet on “particle theory activity”

Worksheet on “particle theory activity”

Dear students

Today we have conducted a lab activity on particle theory for which worksheet was provided and you have taken your observation. You have to submit the worksheet filled on the date mentioned below

topic : particle theory

date of submission: 29/6/15

These are the two links mentioned in the worksheet, which you need to explore, the worksheet has to be filled manually on the hard copy provided.


Abheek Chakraborty