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Day: June 26, 2015

G12_French_Highlights of the week

G12_French_Highlights of the week

Dear parents,

The students had to submit their first unit test, a written task on Google classroom. The week began with a feedback for those who had turned in the same. We then had listening comprehension tasks and vocabulary quiz from the lesson En ville in Panorama Francophone 1.

We set goals for the students in the next class and to end the week, we had a reading comprehension exercise online, the students had to make vocabulary list and respond to the text either as a reflection or as an addition to the text. For students who did not complete this in class, they ought to do it for the next class.


Smruti Chaudhari

Grade 10 India Studies, Updates and HW

Grade 10 India Studies, Updates and HW

Dear Students

This is the question which was left to be answered. Many of you asked me to post it on the blog so here it is

Indian cities face a number of environmental issues

  1. the increasing number of cars
  2. industrial waste
  3. providing clean water

Explain which of  these issues you think is the most serious? You must discuss all three in your answer.

Updates We are continuing with our case study How might India develop its programme for environmental sustainability. We have had an in depth discussion on the best way to achieve environmental sustainability; whether conservation is better or protection? A case study was also shared with the students regarding this and a worksheet given.We will continue with the same topic next week.

Test: There will be test on this topic on July 6, 2015. The details of the test will be informed to the students on the coming day 1, Thursday, 2nd July 2015.


Grade7_All section_COS highlights

Grade7_All section_COS highlights



Students have learned about different units and their conversion. They also learnt about difference between energy and matter. They were able to solve worksheet on conversion of units.They have also visited science laboratory and learnt about uses of different apparatus for different purposes. Students thoroughly enjoyed learning this topic . They have also made charts on different units.



Tabassum Ashraff, Swati Singh, Richa Juneja


Grade 4 Gujarati Highlights & Homework

Grade 4 Gujarati Highlights & Homework

Classwork (વર્ગકાર્ય):   પૂર્વ મૂલ્યાંકન – 1) “પુરમપટ” રમત દ્વારા શબ્દ વાંચન નું મૂલ્યાંકન અને ૨) ચિત્ર ઓળખો અને ચિત્ર સંબંધિત શબ્દ લખો. (Homework : १) “पुरामपट” खेल के द्वारा शब्द वाचन का मूल्यांकन |  २) चित्र पहचानो और चित्र से संबधित शब्द लिखो | )

ગુજરાતી ગૃહકાર્ય (Homework): આપેલ link પર વાર્તા “ આગ્રા ની ચકલીઓ ” સાંભળો.  ગુજરાતી વર્ગમાં વાર્તા ના આધારે પ્રવૃત્તિ  થશે. (नीचे  दी गई link से कहानी सुनो |)