Based on the discussion we had today, kindly proof read your survey questions. Considering the sample size 10 – meet 10 people, if possible, take prior appointment and collect data. Represent the collected data in the graphical format (as discussed).

For reference go over this link : Survey Questions


Watch the mentioned below videos and revise your understanding about the topic:

Kindly note that these links are for your reference, hence you may watch them at any point of time –  it’s for your reference. If you can bookmark these links and can practice the concepts from khan academy, it will surely be of great help to you, will certainly enhance your understanding about the concepts and you’ll undoubtedly be able to resolve your own queries. 

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Reminder: Bring an object from home that represents your definition of Well – being. For example – Any sports item (indoor or outdoor), any items / pictures from magazines, Rubix Cube, drawing, arts relatedd resources etc.

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