Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) Appreciation

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) Appreciation

Dear Parents,

We at FS, would like to express our sincere appreciation to those parents ( almost 95% of parents) who used the school transport facility for attending the recent PTM.

However, we would also like to add that a few parents did not heed to our circular and came on their own in spite of repeated reminders. Kindly note that the parents who will not use the school transport facility henceforth will not be allowed to attend the PTM.

It was also noticed that some parents came in the bus but called for their cars while leaving the premises, which caused traffic jam on the village road. This too is a matter of integrity and not fair to other parents using the school transport facility.

In case of any parent has issues in using the school transport or medical conditions, please mail your request regarding using their personal transport to at least  2 days prior to PTM. Approvals to use personal transport will be given based on the merit of the case. Last minute requests will not be accepted unless it is a genuine reason.

We solicit your cooperation in the above issue to make future PTMs a smooth affair.



Fountainhead School

AGM – Administration


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