Highlights of the day – 30th June.

Highlights of the day – 30th June.

UOI: Learners had a gallery walk where they observed the objects kept outside the classes. The objects kept, were related to the four aspects of well being. While observing the objects they had to write in their UOI book what they see, what they think and what they wonder.

Language: Learners discussed the advantages and disadvantages of kids and pocket money. They read the questions from chapter “Don’t kids need pocket money?”

Discussion on the routines and procedures for handling the chrome book.

UOI: Complete writing the I wall questions based on the Gallery walk and also if you can make any connection with the Read Aloud ‘sleepy Sophie,’ or Hot potato activity.

Language: Conduct the survey based on the questionnaire given on pg. 83. Decide your target audience and survey 10 people. Organize the data in a tally chart and create graphs to represent your data. (You can select 3 most relevant questions from the questionnaire and create graphs only on them).

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