Highlight and Homework of 1st July

Highlight and Homework of 1st July

Language: Teacher introduced action verb through activity and then read the poem ‘Dinosaur Dinner’ from Empowering English, Pg 14.

Math: Learners continued with the Indian number system. They were  taught where to put comma (,) and read any number in the Indian number system. They learned to write number in the expanded form.

Language Development: Learners revised “collective noun” through Language with Ease reference book.


Language: Find out and write all the meanings for the given verbs in the poem ‘Dinosaur Dinner’ . Write in the Empowering English reference book.

Goal: Discuss with your parents and write the goals in any rough paper and bring it tomorrow.
 Note : Parents are requested to make three goals with their children one for behavior, one for math and one for language. Hope you will co-operate and discuss the same with your child.
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