Highlights and Homework – Grade 6 Conjecture

Highlights and Homework – Grade 6 Conjecture

UOI- Learners had a guest speaker session with Ankita Ma’am. The purpose of the session was to give them an overview of the organisational structure in school. Through the school as an example, the students understood, that for the effective functioning of an organization, a system of governance is required.

Math – Learners inquired on polygons, types of lines, different polygons, identifying polygons and angles in polygons.

Goal setting – learners reflected on their areas of improvement and to develop a system to enhance their learning as well their well being. You may refer to below link to set your goals.

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md-yXkcUXkc


UOI- Answer this question in your UOI notebook. “What do you understand by governance and what are the characteristics of governance?”

Language– Complete reading Chapter 3-6 of Giver and attempt below quizzes.

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