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Day: July 1, 2015

Grade 1 Peace Highlights and Homework:Day 6,Wednesday-1st July,2015

Grade 1 Peace Highlights and Homework:Day 6,Wednesday-1st July,2015


Transdisciplinary theme: Who we are

Central idea:  Awareness of our characteristics, abilities and interest allows our self identity to develop.


Learning Engagement: The students reflected on the activity done.


Learning Outcome: To help students reflect on their choices.




Strand: Oral communication: Reading

Learning engagement : The students watched a video and read – The cow jumped over the moon, Lesson no 3 (EE reference book) and identified nouns. They also played a noun game.



The students were given manipulatives like monterio cubes and were asked to form random numbers below 100, and the same was asked to be written in their math notebook.


Homework :

Math : Write the number names: 93, 68, 45, 77, 81.

Note: 1) Kindly return the library books tomorrow as they have their library slot tomorrow. (Please ignore if sent already).

Highlights of 30th June and 1st July, 2015.

Highlights of 30th June and 1st July, 2015.

Settling Task : Learners read books quietly from the class library books.

Math : Revision of Fraction (Multiplication and Division of Proper and Improper Fractions.

Language :

  1. a) Survey on the topic “Kids and Pocket Money”.
  2. b) We learnt more about survey through Empowering English-Chapter 23-Don’t kids need pocket money? Students also learnt how to derive a conclusion from their survey.


  1. a) Learners had a gallery walk. And brainstormed about the four aspects of wellbeing using I see, I Think and I wonder tool. Students also noted the I-wall questions for reflection.The questions are as follows:

1) How is my thinking changing?

2) What questions does this raise for me?

3) What am I learning about myself as a learner?

4) How can I apply my learning?

  1. b) We discussed the I-wall questions and students made changes in their answers based on their understanding from the class discussion. Also, they could draw the related key concepts, attitudes, Learner Profiles,Skills and Lines of Inquiry through these questions related to the unit and on an A4 sheet they presented it.

Homework :

Math : Complete the following sums in your Math notebook.

  1. a) 1 1/2  x  3/5
  2. b) 1 1/5  x  2 1/3
  3. c) 4 1/2  x  2 1/4
  4. d) 4 1/5  divided by 3 2/3
  5. e) 2 3/10 divided by  4 3/4
  6. f) 3 9/10 divided by  2 ⅘

Note : Please send photograph of your ward on Saturday.

Size : 4 x 6

Type : Selfie with major focus on face.

UOI- Parental involvement needed.

UOI- Parental involvement needed.

Dear parents,

As discussed in the PTM ,we need your involvement in the current unit of inquiry under the TDT- Where we are in place and time . Kindly go through the below mentioned points and if you’ve any further queries you can mail the same to your child’s HRT.

  • We’re planning for a role play by parents.  Interested parents need to message and confirm with their homeroom teacher  through daily diary by tomorrow itself.  We’ll be meeting parent volunteers on 3rd July from 9:15 am to 10:00 am to discuss what’s to be done in the role play.


  • We would like to invite parents and grandparents to come as guest speakers and share about their childhood so that our learners get a better understanding how things were in past. Only those parents can volunteer as guest speaker who can come along with their parents  as we want all the 3 generations (child-parents-grand parents) together. Days for Guest speaker session are 6th, 7th and 8th July. So please confirm your names through daily diary by 4th July.


  • Kindly send any artefacts (anything passed on in your family from generations, something that signifies your family culture) with your child by 8th July. You need to label the artefact and send it in a polythene bag . Also share with your child the importance of that artefact and how it has been passed on to you. The child will have to do ‘Show & Tell’ of that artefact.


Sr.KG Team.

Quiz time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quiz time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear parents, The learners enjoyed counting and estimation through a quiz. The learners were divided in 4 groups and then were asked to keep numbers from 1 to 5 among themselves.Then the teacher called out a number say 4  and all the members from that group of the same number 4 had to come. Then the teacher asked them to bring 4 blocks , 3 pencils,2 books etc and so on. The team that brought 1st got the point.The learners learnt math through play and enjoyed. They also enhanced their social skills.Here are a few glimpses of the same.


Payal Jain


IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8313 IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8319 IMG_8320

Highlights and homework – Grade 6 – Conjecture

Highlights and homework – Grade 6 – Conjecture

UOI- Learners had a guest speaker session with Ankita Ma’am. The purpose of the session was to give them an overview of the organisational structure in school. Through the school as an example, the students understood, that for the effective functioning of an organization, a system of governance is required.

Math – Learners inquired on polygons, discussed types of lines, different polygons, angles in polygons.

Goal Setting – Learners discussed their areas of concern and need for improvement. They also set a system to how they will achieve their goal. Attaching a link here, which can help form their goal and system to achieve the same.


UOI- Answer this question in your UOI notebook. “What do you understand by governance and what are the characteristics of governance?”

Language– 1 – Complete reading Chapter 3-6 of Giver

2 – Attempt both the quizzes post here after you have completed reading till chapter 6.

Leap cycle-3 time for “Deliberate Thinking….!!”

Leap cycle-3 time for “Deliberate Thinking….!!”

After exploring the makers club activity, this  was  time for Grade 5 Learners to explore and tickle the thinking process.

This cycle , the learners learnt a new thinking  tool CAF (Consider All Factors), they explored the thinking tool as to how and  when  to use the tool and also tried the same in the class on their own; the teacher followed “we do” and “you do” model where the teacher first explained the tool in detail with an example  on the board and later the learners were given a topic to  try out  in the class / hw.

A brief on CAF:

CAF = Consider All Factors

When you have to choose or make a decision or just think about something, there are always many factors that you have to consider.

If you leave out some of these factors, your choice may seem right at the time but will later turn out to be wrong.

When you are looking at other people’s thinking, you can try and see what factors they have left out.

sharing the images of  few responses from the learners.












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