Recap of the day – 1 july’15

Recap of the day – 1 july’15

Day-6, Wednesday (1st July ‘2015)

Settling Task : Spot the difference worksheet.


Learners wrote story of cinderella using connectingwords and phrases.

Learners revisited the parts of speech and studied in detail about verbs with examples. Later teacher made an outline of a girl  mind map of ‘Myself’ which was filled by various relevant verbs related to the teacher . Finally, she formed a verb poem on ‘Myself’ on the white board using the mind map. She also read the poem ‘Dinosaur Dinner’ from Empowering English Pg 14. Explained the same.

LWE : Learners completed parsing the sentence till Week-2 Day-2.

Maths: Teacher revised the succeeding and preceding  ,number names upto lakh, It enhanced their understanding and at the same time they cleared their doubts then and there.


Language: Find out and write all the meanings for the given verbs in the poem Dinosaur Dinner’ at the back of the given colourd A4 sheet given also make the poem on verbs as per topic of your choice.Make a poem on verb asper the instructions given in the class.

Maths:  Write the number names for the following :-

1) 3,45,879 –

2) 5,46,897-

Write the number for the following number names :-

1)Four lakh thirty three thousand six hundred and twenty five.

2)Ninety thousand three hundred and sixty nine.

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