Highlights of the day – 3rd July

Highlights of the day – 3rd July


Language with Ease: 

Discussed the compound adjectives along with some examples of the same.


Learners were introduced to Interjections and how its use helps create short sentences. They also understood how it helps in creating mood and pace of the reader.


Learners were introduced the strategies of reading along with the practice for the same. They had been provided with an article for which they had to use skimming and scanning for better understanding.



Reader: Complete reading till chapter 6 and attempt the quiz posted on Friday.

WWS: 1) Refer to the links and write answers to the following questions in your language notebook:

What is an interjection?

When do we use interjection?

Write 5 examples for the same.

a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIJbkyXlzS0 (3 mins)
b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09jQbGtAR98 (3:45 mins)

2) Create one interjection followed by a short sentence/phrase for the situation given to you in the shared presentation ( check on drive in shared folder). Make sure that you work with your slide only.

Note: This is to be submitted by Monday.

Tomorrow is a working Saturday for students. Day 1 will be followed.

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