Highlights and homework for the day

Highlights and homework for the day

4th July, 2015

Highlights for the day:
​During their language development session, ​l

earners parsed and punctuated the sentences from

​the book- ​Language with Ease​. This was ​followed by​ a​discussion​, resolving queries etc.
​A session on solving mixed bag problems was taken up and learners were asked to solve​contextual real life word problem along with questions on the four mathematical operations- addition​,​ subtraction, multiplication and division. Their doubts related to expanded form, number names etc were also resolved.
​Going further with our unit on “Explorations” the learners were able to clear their understanding of the concept of time-line after making their own personal time-line. This activity was initiated by the teacher through modelling her own time-line.

Write the answers in the language notebook​for week -1 , Day 2,3,4  if not completed in the class​.​

​ (Language with Ease)​
​Read your library book or any story book of your choice and write a short summary of what you have read and understood in your language note-book.​
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