Highlights and Homework of Grade 6 Contemplate

Highlights and Homework of Grade 6 Contemplate

The Giver– Students used the strategy of scanning and attempted the quiz of chapter 1 and 2 as a class.

Discussion of questions from chapters read till now(Ch 1-6). Through discussion learners gained a better understanding of the text.

WWS: Students independently wrote a passage on an unforgettable experience in PE/PS class in their book. They added interjections in their passage.


The Giver– 1. Answer this question in journal (in the document shared with you):
Q1. The pros and cons of having someone select your career. Include negative and positive aspects. ( also relate to government unit as in not having the Rights)

Search meaning of new words from chapter 1 to 6 and write down in reader or Lang notebook. We’ll discuss it on Monday.

Now that you have completed reading till ch-2, attempt this quiz


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