Highlights of the week ( 29 june-4 july)

Highlights of the week ( 29 june-4 july)

Circle Time :
Word of the week(WOW):
Jr.KG Blue

Morning message (MM):-
“Today is _____ ( Friday)

Rhymes: Introduction Of Rhyme:

(Open Them, Shut Them)
Open them shut them
Give a little clap, clap, clap
Open them shut them
Open them shut them
Lay them on your lap, lap, lap
Creep them creep them
Creep them creep them
Right up to your chin, chin, chin
Open wide your little mouth,
But do not put them in. ouch!
Shake them shake them
Shake them shake them
Shake them
Just like this, this, this
Roll them roll them
Roll them roll them Roll
And blow a little kiss
Revision Of Rhymes:
Up and down & Morning has come!

Introduction of wiggle:
I can do it by Patty Shukla [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4HFZxPbHxO]

Read alouds:
1.I can help by Hans Wilhelm
2.I don’t like my hair cut
3.Goldilocks and the three bears
4.The doorbell rang by Philippe Corentin
5.Froggy goes to School by Jonathan London
6. My ‘a’ book
7. I want to be an astronaut by Byron Barton

UOI 1: Our relationships with family and friends can have an impact on our wellbeing.
Gallery walk:- Learners had “Gallery Walk” as a tuning in activity.  They keenly observed various pictures displayed related to the family and friends and reflected upon their prior knowledge.
Puzzle Activity:- Learners were given picture puzzles of family and friends. Learners applied their problem solving skills and solved  puzzles and formed the picture and they discussed about the same.

Introduction of letter ‘a’ (along with the sound)was done through the magic box ( apple, astronaut, acrobat, axe, anchor, ankle, arrow, ambulance, angry, airport, air conditioner, address, actor, alligator)
learners were shown

jolly phonics song

# Introduction of sorting with colours
Learners did various learning engagements for the concept of sorting and  connected it with the  real life  applications.
# Introduction of subitizing was done through various manipulatives.

Routines And Procedures:
Teachers talked to the learners about the 0 level of the voice meter . They also discussed about where we use it and that we must not talk while eating.
Walking in line, walk on the left side.
Taking permission for water-washroom break.
Forming a circle.
Circle time routines and procedures.
Routines and procedures for centers.

Visual Arts:
Learners enhanced their fine motor skills by scribbling on slate with chalk.
Making models from clay.
Colouring pictures.

Important Notes:-
# Kindly send an object related to letter ‘a’ for “Show and Tell” activity (Learner will speak 2-3 lines about the object)  by Monday( Day 3), 6th July, 2015. Please be proactive to send the objects on time or your child will miss out on the activity.

# Kindly go through and adhere to the food policy.  The link to the same is below:

# Send 2 lap size napkins and tiffin box in small handy bag, an extra pair of clothes everyday without fail.

# Send an extra pair of floaters/crocs which will be kept in the class and will be returned at the end of the year. Kindly label them.
Label all the belongings of your child before sending, if anything is misplaced we will not be responsible for it.

# Kindly check the daily diary everyday. Communication with the teacher has to be done through the diary only.

# It is compulsory for your child to wear the I-card for the whole month of June. After that they can carry it in the bag.

# Kindly send the extra I-card for issuing library books, as books will be issued only on the I-card.

Happy Sunday

 Tasnim Y Batliwala


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