Grade-9-ICT – Homework

Grade-9-ICT – Homework

Dear Learners,

The homework for Grade-9-ICT is as under:

**** Prepare a presentation using Google Slides on Input Devices:

Keyboards, Numeric Keypads, Mice, Touchpads,Trackballs, Remote Controls,
Joysticks, Touch Screens, Magnetic Strip Readers, Smart Card Readers,
Chip and PIN Readers, Scanners, Barcode Readers, OMR Devices, OCR Readers,
MICR Devices, Digital Cameras, Webcams, Microphones, Sensors,
Graphic Tablets and Light Pens.

**Presentation should include:

1 – What is the function of that device?
2 – How it came into existence or its inventor?
3 – Advantages and Disadvantages
4 – Applications and Usage – for each device

Thanks & Regards,
Bhumit Kansara

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