Recap of the day – 6/7/15

Recap of the day – 6/7/15

Day – 3 Monday 

Math – Word problems were done on the board to demonstrate the right way to do it with statements and even the word regrouping was explained in detail with examples ,as well shown how regrouping is done.


Language – Learners revised the BME model and six traits of writing in detail they also wrote a story as an exemplar which displayed that how connecting words and phrases ,adjectives can be used to write effectively while making it interesting for the reader.

Language Development:

Learners did the session of Week 1 Day 4 in the class and it was taken up as a peer discussion in the class.

Homework –

Math –   Write the numbers in expanded form
For eg. 56789 = 50000 + 6000 + 700 + 80 +9

a) 25,598  (b) 98,656  

Solve the following word problems –

(1)Mohan had 995 Rs he bought ice – cream for Rs 350 and popcorn basket for Rs 240.How much money is still left with Mohan.

(2)Sneha had Rs.2350 with her and she went to the mall and bought a dress for Rs 4000, sandals for 1234 and a purse for Rs. 1545. (a)What is the total amount she has to pay to the shopkeeper. (b) How much amount is left with her now?

Language –  Story writing : You find a bag filled with magical chocolates. What happens next? use your imagination and pour your thoughts on the journal sheet using adjectives and verbs too to make it interesting (journal sheets have been given for the same.) use connecting words and phrases like first,second,,thirdly,next,finally,furthermore,instead,however,indeed,incidentally,

likewise,otherwise,nevertheless,nonetheless,moreover,to begin with,after a while,on the other hand,even though,in due course,in the same manner,what is more.

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