Unit test on “particle theory of matter”

Unit test on “particle theory of matter”

dear students

Unit test on first chapter in Chemistry “particle theory of matter” will be conducted on day 5 , i.e. 08/07/15  across the three sections of grade 9 . The slots are

Fortuity- 5th slot (13:00 to 13:50)

Serendipity-7th slot (15:10 to 16:00)

Eureka- 2nd slot of Bio (9:55 to 10:45)

For Eureka the bio slot will be taken by Pooja mam tomorrow i.e on day 4 during 4th slot (12:05 to 12:55). Students of Eureka please bring Biology book tomorrow for the 4th slot of Chemistry.


Abheek Chakraborty

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