Grade 1 Peace Highlight:Day 4,Tuesday-7th July,2015

Grade 1 Peace Highlight:Day 4,Tuesday-7th July,2015


Transdisciplinary theme: “Who we are”

Central idea:  Awareness of our characteristics, abilities, and interest allows our self-identity to develop.


Learning engagement: Teacher did a read aloud of the book “The many colors of friendship.” by Rita Vetsch. While reading the book, the teacher asked the students to guess how the characters in the story are feeling. She asked questions like “How can you tell that the character is feeling that way? Can you make a face that shows that feeling?”


Learning Intention: To help students understand emotional characteristics like sad, angry, happy etc.


Math :


Learning engagement: The students were given a ‘Dot sheet’. The teacher called out some numbers and the students circled the tens and ones in the sheet.

Numbers – 18,20,21,30,16,12,11,34,41,19,28,31. The teacher then explained the place value – tens and ones.


Learning intention: To help students count, record and write numbers.


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