Highlights for the day – 7th July

Highlights for the day – 7th July


The Giver: Learners had a discussion on the line – “Jonas’s community has a lot of rules” where they were asked to choose whether it is good or bad according to them. Hence, they were introduced to “debate” and also they were given few instructions relating to the same.

WWS: Learners were introduced to yet another technique to create an effect on the reader – Senses. They were read a passage (Blast of the morning) from which they identified the usage of sense in each line.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

H.W discussion on who makes decision at home, in school, Surat and India. They understood that that there are many people who are involved in the process of making decisions.

Learners framed key concept questions related to the unit after having a deeper understanding of the central idea. After the questions, they discussed and finalized the key concepts and also identified the lines of inquiry.


The Giver:  1.  Prepare for debate:
a.Research about the topic- Making a list of rules that Jonas’s community has.
b. Talking to others and sharing opinions in the group.
c. Reading about  the topic- here knowing about rules and their benefits in general                 2. Start reading ch- 6-10.

UOI: Find out the names of the following people and write in UOI note book:

1. The mayor of Surat.
2. The Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
3. The Member of Parliament of Surat (MP)
4. The Chief Minister of Gujarat.
5. The Prime Minister and the President
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