Recap of the day – 7/7/15

Recap of the day – 7/7/15


Day-4, Tuesday.


Settling task – learners chanted tables.

Math – Homework regarding word problems were discussed and the word problem was done on the board where the numbers were incorrectand they were unable to solve it.

Unit of Inquiry:

Learners did a recap of all the session till date done in school. The teacher asked provocative questions where the learners came up with all the Lines of Inquiry. They made connections with organization ‘Fountainhead school‘. They even came up with words that connected with the central Idea of the unit.The teacher asked provocative questions where the learners came up with all the words related to  endeavor  as well as enterprise.Students   discussed that people work together towards a common goal. e.g. school’s common goal is to provide education. They discussed the roles and responsibilities of different people working in the school. They came up with the  word ‘organization’ and discussed that school is an organization where people work together.They talked about the hierarchy in school and made as well as learnt what is hierarchy and flowchart. They also made Fountainhead school hierarchy in their UOI notebooks.Thera are organisations made on the basis of hard work and some are made especially to gain profits that is enterprise.

Language –  Few cards were given which were categorized as – characters, plot, settings, etc. The learners randomly picked few of each(1 characters, 1 plot and 1 setting) and wrote a short story. They used the elements of a story i.e beginning, middle and end.  Also the connecting words and phrases they have learnt in the previous sessions.They need to keep the six writing traits, connecting words and connecting phrases in mind while writing the story. The teacher modeled one story in the class after a brief discussion and learners were asked to copy the same in their writer’s book.

Homework :-

UOI –  Make a  hierarchy flowchart for grade 3.

Language- Write any  story keeping 5 elements of story in the mind as per BME Model.

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