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Day: July 9, 2015

Grade 11 DP Orientation note -11th July,2015

Grade 11 DP Orientation note -11th July,2015

Invitation for DP Orientation Meetings


“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”  ― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Dear Parents & Students,

As you are aware that Fountainhead school has started its second batch of IBDP on 6th July, 2015. In this context we are pleased to invite you to orientation & information sessions on 11th July 2015 regarding IBDP. The details of the session are mentioned below.


Day & Date Timings Some of the questions that will be addressed during the session are :
Saturday,11th July 07:45 – 08:15 am (discussion on school wide policies – exclusively for new parents & students) Which are those school wide policies/rules that parents & students need to be aware of ? How to use nucleus for communicating  with the school?

08:15 to 08:30 am will be break ahead of the next session.

Saturday,11th July 08:30 – 10:45 am  For all parents (current & new) & students
  • Teaching methodology,curricula offered &  Benefits of IB education
  • The School Mission and Vision
  • DP Curriculum Framework & Subject choices offered
  • Minimum level of performance across DP & the DP matrix(for EE & TOK points)
  • Assessment & Info. on DP pass rate percentage
  • Whom to Contact
  • Policies & IB Academic Honesty winner video – “Reluctance”
  • Questions and answers
  • Team introduction and Assessment criteria group wise
  • Changes this year


Answer to the above and other similar questions will be provided during the session. We have also allocated time for answering any other questions that you might have. Please note that attendance in the session is highly recommended for the parents as different aspects of DP will be covered during each session. For the session dated 11th July (Saturday) it is mandatory for students to come along & also leave with parents (as there will be holiday on 11th July, Saturday hence no bus facility will be provided). Please arrive on time.


Looking forward to meeting all of you,


Warm Regards,


Abhinav Awasthi

Diploma Programme Coordinator  


Grade 12 _ English Lang. Lit. (HL only) _updates and HW

Grade 12 _ English Lang. Lit. (HL only) _updates and HW

The students have begun exploring and analysing their IOC component text – “The Merchant of Venice”. They have been introduced to the requirements of the commentary component and the steps they are to follow to make an oral commentary.

The students will now require to record a 5 minute commentary for any 20 lines of their choice from Act 1.1 . These will be heard by the rest of the class and suggestions will be given as per need.

Further, on 15th July 2015, HL students will attempt their second WT (analytical) in class, in the 2 slots they have as per TT.

Enhancing our language skills.

Enhancing our language skills.

The learners were introduced to a new concept of “word family” of “ad” family through sounds and visuals. It was a new experience for them and they understood a new way to learn new words. After the introduction they got the opportunity to learn and revise the the words and two letter sight words through learning centers. Here are the glimpses of the same:


1.Associating word families(picture with word)

2.Mittens of sight words.

3.Stacking the blocks (ad words and 2 letter sight words)

4.Reading booklet

5.Writing in the note book as waiting zone

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Grade 1 Peace:Highlights for the day:Day 6,Thursday-9th July,2015

Grade 1 Peace:Highlights for the day:Day 6,Thursday-9th July,2015

Highlights of the day:




Learning Engagement :The teacher created a scenario in a class of a “Fake birthday party” where she invited few students randomly for the party, this was done to bring out the emotional characteristics from them and so that they could experience it practically.


The students came up with emotions such as happy, glad, excited, sad, angry etc.


Learning outcome : To help students reflect upon their emotional characteristics.


Language: Dictation of the sight words was conducted along with a surprise word(The name of their section)


Integration with Math


Learning engagement :  The students reflected on the book – How big is a foot? by Rolf Myller and understood that objects have attributes that can be measured using non-standard units like hand span and foot span.


Learning intention : To help students compare the length of objects using non-standard units.