Learning engagement: Expert groups

Learning engagement: Expert groups


Students were divided into 6 groups and each group was assigned a quadrilateral. They were asked to prepare for their given shape so as to teach other groups. For this, they were given certain criteria to fulfill. They were supposed to design a poster for their shape, reinforce the properties using any media and prepare a quiz to check  on the understanding of other students.

Here are some of the glimpses of the activity:

IMG_20150713_095747_HDR IMG_20150713_095759_HDR IMG_20150713_102517_HDR IMG_20150713_102712_HDR IMG_20150713_103040_HDR IMG_20150713_103721_HDR IMG_20150713_114652_HDR IMG_20150713_115911_HDR IMG_20150713_123402_HDR IMG_20150713_123852_HDR IMG_20150713_124649_HDR IMG_20150713_124939_HDR




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