Grade 2 Wonder: Math centres!!

Grade 2 Wonder: Math centres!!


  • Learning centres:

Workstation 1: Learners picked a number card from each basket and modeled the number using base ten blocks. They wrote and drew the modelled number in their notebook. In the next step, they modelled predecessor and successor of the number and wrote the same including the number names in the notebook.

Workstation 2: Learners formed 4 digit numbers using place value cards, then they wrote the number and its place value in their notebook.

For eg: 1235= 1 thousand + 2 hundred + 3 tens + 5 ones.

Workstation 3: A spinner was provided at this station with all the instructions written on it. The learners had to spin the spinner and do the task mentioned on it in their note book.

For instance: State whether the given number is odd or even, write next 5 numbers for the given number etc.

Workstation 4: Learners were asked to write numbers from 1080 to 1100 in their note book.

Workstation 5: Learners did an activity on chrome books.

Link: (For place value) (for odd and even numbers.)

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Priyanka Chhabra

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