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Day: July 16, 2015

Show and Tell of artefacts and family tree[UOI integrated with Language]

Show and Tell of artefacts and family tree[UOI integrated with Language]

Show & Tell gives an opportunity to learners to enhance their presentation skills as well as build on their confidence. In the current Unit of Inquiry, learners presented their artefacts and family tree. They were enthusiastically sharing details about their artefacts and family history.


Ambuja Sharma.


Rewinding the past!!!

Rewinding the past!!!

Today the learners got an opportunity to reflect their understanding about the past in our unit on “generations” through visual arts. The young learners were at work with the clay and used their imagination to form different toys, shapes and images of things, which were used in the past like pots, bowl, telephone, train, hand grinder(chakki), keys etc. This learning engagement was facilitated by Rahul Sir.

Ambuja Sharma.

Chess Selection

Chess Selection

These students are going to stay back tomorrow for the chess selection.

No Name Grade Section
1 Manit Sumit Bhasin Grade 1 Joy
2 Pratham Vinay Sonthalia Grade 1 Trust
3 Suhaan Prakash Sutariya Grade 3 Illuminate
4 Swayam Amit Jain Grade 3 Inspire
5 Tanay Mukesh Mandhana Grade 3 Ideate
6 Freya Girish Mistry Grade 3 Innovate
7 Devshlok Prashant Shah Grade 5 Collaboration
8 Krish Ankur Patel Grade 5 Symbiosis
9 Pratham Vipul Shah Grade 5 Coalition
10 Parisha Amit Jain Grade 5 Synergy
11 Saumya Snehal Shah Grade 6 Ruminate
12 Hriday Devendra Jain Grade 6 Enlighten
13 Pujan Vipul Sutariya Grade 2 Explore
14 Nishit Kunj Pansari Grade 2 Explore
15 Devanshi Mitesh Patel Grade 2 Think
16 Hannah Vishal Juneja Grade 2 Discover
17 Aadya Mayank Jain Grade 2 Ponder
18 Saumya Maulik Patel Grade 2 Create
19 Ruhan Vikas Jain Grade 2 Create
20 Premkumar Miral Kapadia Grade 2 Dream
21 Tanvi Gaurav Pagaria Grade 2 Dream
22 Aayush Manan Gondalia Grade 2 Dream
23 Nitin Arjun Agrawal Grade 2 Discover
24 Raghav Amber Dalmia Grade 2 Invent
25 Vardhan Nirav Mashruwala Grade 2 Explore
26 Hitanshu Mayank Lala Grade 2 Discover
27 Dhruvill Mayur Tulshiyani Grade 2 Discover
28 Ananya Sandeep Dawer Grade 4 Valour
29 Siddhesh Pankaj Bisani Grade 4 Mettle
30 Laksh Sugnomal Uttamchandani Grade 4 Responsibility
31 Mihaan Vishal Shah Grade 4 Responsibility
32 Siddhant Dimplekumar Shah Grade 4 Resilience
33 Dhruv Sandeep Rustagi Grade 4 Resilience
34 Shaurya Ayush Agarwal Grade 4 Resilience
35 Maira Adil Memon Grade 4 Resilience
Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 16th July

Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 16th July

UOI : Learners revised the 8 characteristics of good governance. They also analysed their class governance through these characteristics. They also picked portfolio pieces.

WWS : Learners practiced writing “character description” and describing “body language.”

Homework :

Math : Learners will revise the areas they can improve upon from the FA worksheet at home. They also need to get the FA checked and signed by their parents.

WWS : 1) Learners need to complete the independent writing they started in the class and do proof reading in case they haven’t completed it.

2) Once completion of the same, they need to refer to the below mentioned link from learnzillion and refine their written piece based on the same. They also need to share their written piece with their family members and get comments from them.

Making your writing more realistic using “Show-not-Tell”:

Note: The students can create an account using their e-mail id on learnzillion.

Note : Learners are given Checkpoint for Math practice. The same can be used as reference for practicing at home.



Hi Fountaineers,

Check out the pics from our subroto cup tournament 2015. The FS lads gave a great account for themselves and represented our school with poise,  pride and class.  I am very proud of them all and I appreciated their efforts gladly. They have done myself and Mr. AnwerSir a great justice to our efforts in their development as footballers,  you win some and lose some, but you still get up and keep playing. ..!

Sadly, the lads succumbed to defeat in the 2nd round match to the hosts (Essar) by a score of 2-0.

Regardless, the boys went out fighting and with pride….!

Well done lads, well get it next year. ..! Sorry about the upside down photos..!!


FS PRIDE….!20150715_140618 20150715_103145 20150715_103504 20150715_102307 20150715_102302 20150715_100548 20150715_102259 20150715_095645 20150715_092425 20150715_102316

Visit to a joint family…!!!

Visit to a joint family…!!!

As a part of the learning engagements of the ongoing unit Family and Friends ,  the learners visited  a joint family , yesterday . Here all the members of the family introduced themselves and  talked about their roles and responsibilities in their family .

I would like to thank and appreciate the parents  for taking the initiative , which helped kids gain an understanding of a joint family.   Thank you so much once again!

20150715_115250 20150715_115255 20150715_115316 20150715_115814 20150715_115819 20150715_115826 20150715_120416 20150715_120422 20150715_122318 20150715_122323 20150715_122327 20150715_122333 20150715_122337 20150715_122610 20150715_122637 20150715_122643




Highlights and Homework.

Highlights and Homework.

Day-5, Thursday.

UOI :  

Learners revisited the central idea along with all LOI’s and key concepts.  Then, teacher discussed the term ‘endeavour’ and ‘enterprise’ again in the class to enhance their understanding.

Math :

Learners revised Pictograph concept. Learners with the teacher collected the data as how many girls and boys are in the class. Also finalized the key will be 5 and made the pictograph for the same. Later, they also collected the data for the various PS sports on A-4 size colour paper.

Homework –

Language – Learn the spellings for dictation tomorrow. Innovate/Ideate/Illuminate/Initiate/support/know/reflect/need/create/problem.Imbue/Imagine/Inspire/Co-operation/Organize/Illustrate/Hundred/Synergize/Responsibility.

Math – Learner have to prepare a pictograph for the data that the have collected in the classroom i.e number of students opted for basketball, football, yoga, athletics, skating and karate.

Highlights of the day 16th July 2015

Highlights of the day 16th July 2015

Day 5 – Thursday


Students  reflected about their learning and understanding about the organization (SUO) on a Y – chart where they discussed about-

*Purpose of the organization.

*Why people join organization?

*Strategies for problem solving within an organization.


Math – Do the sums given.

Language – Learn the spellings for dictation tomorrow (19 words)