Highlights and Homework.

Highlights and Homework.

Day-5, Thursday.

UOI :  

Learners revisited the central idea along with all LOI’s and key concepts.  Then, teacher discussed the term ‘endeavour’ and ‘enterprise’ again in the class to enhance their understanding.

Math :

Learners revised Pictograph concept. Learners with the teacher collected the data as how many girls and boys are in the class. Also finalized the key will be 5 and made the pictograph for the same. Later, they also collected the data for the various PS sports on A-4 size colour paper.

Homework –

Language – Learn the spellings for dictation tomorrow. Innovate/Ideate/Illuminate/Initiate/support/know/reflect/need/create/problem.Imbue/Imagine/Inspire/Co-operation/Organize/Illustrate/Hundred/Synergize/Responsibility.

Math – Learner have to prepare a pictograph for the data that the have collected in the classroom i.e number of students opted for basketball, football, yoga, athletics, skating and karate.

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