Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 16th July

Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 16th July

UOI : Learners revised the 8 characteristics of good governance. They also analysed their class governance through these characteristics. They also picked portfolio pieces.

WWS : Learners practiced writing “character description” and describing “body language.”

Homework :

Math : Learners will revise the areas they can improve upon from the FA worksheet at home. They also need to get the FA checked and signed by their parents.

WWS : 1) Learners need to complete the independent writing they started in the class and do proof reading in case they haven’t completed it.

2) Once completion of the same, they need to refer to the below mentioned link from learnzillion and refine their written piece based on the same. They also need to share their written piece with their family members and get comments from them.

Making your writing more realistic using “Show-not-Tell”: https://learnzillion.com/lessons/512-revise-narrative-writing-to-show-not-tell

Note: The students can create an account using their e-mail id on learnzillion.

Note : Learners are given Checkpoint for Math practice. The same can be used as reference for practicing at home.

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