Grade 10_English_Highlights of the week_All Sections

Grade 10_English_Highlights of the week_All Sections

Dear Parents,

Highlights of this week are:

Language: All sections have almost completed their first draft of Narrative Coursework. They have been assigned a last day as well by when they have to submit their final coursework.  On Monday, there is a Unit test on Summary Writing.

Literature: All sections have now completed Sredni Vashtar . Students have an understanding of the story and are able to critically analyse it. We have also finished “Neutral tones” in Herald and Harbinger.  Students are expected to complete the story Matrix over the weekend and students of Herald and Harbinger need to complete the HW assigned.

Bookclub: Students are reading with enthusiasm as of now, parents are requested to also be involved in reading to make the experience more enriching.



Vagisha and Urvashi

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