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Day: July 19, 2015

Show and tell of family tree

Show and tell of family tree

Show & Tell gives an opportunity to learners to enhance their presentation skills as well as build on their confidence. In the current Unit of Inquiry, learners presented their family tree. They were enthusiastically sharing details about their family history, while some of them couldn’t as the same was not shared by the parents! I request the parents to get involved in their child’s learning engagements through home assignments which in turn would yield improved outcomes.

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Grade 8 _ Math _ All sections _ Highlights of last week (13th July to 17th July, 2015)

Grade 8 _ Math _ All sections _ Highlights of last week (13th July to 17th July, 2015)

Dear all,

Here is a brief update of what we did from 13th July to 17th July.

1) We started the week with the topic- Surds and where do we use Surds.

2) Then, students were explained the method of simplifying the Surds (Eg- Square root of 18 would be 3 suare root 2) and were given practice by giving few sums on it.

3) We  took all of them to ”Math Lab” to explain the concept of Pythagoras Theorem. They also explored different Math resources.

4) Video on Pythagoras Theorem was also shown in the class to them to get a clear idea about it along with discussion on Pythagoras equation.

5) Unit test paper- 1 (which was taken on 10th July) was also distributed in one of the Math classes.

6) We also started with the sums on Pythagoras Theorem.

Below is the glimpse of the classes conducted in Math Lab to introduce Pythagoras Theorem.

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Grrade 8 Math Team







Family Visit: Joint Family-Jr. KG Indigo 

Family Visit: Joint Family-Jr. KG Indigo 

As a part of a learning engagement for our ongoing unit Family And Friends, our young learners went on a visit to the home of a joint family. Here they came up with the idea that this is a very big family and they were further on given the term Joint Family. They came to know about the roles and responsibilities of each of the family members and also learnt about the composition of a joint family.
We are really thankful and appreciate Kush Koshiya’s parents for volunteering and allowing us to visit their home for this learning engagement. Thank you once again!😊


😊 Suchi Dakoria 😊 

Grade 1 : Trust – Day 6 – Highlights of the day (Friday)

Grade 1 : Trust – Day 6 – Highlights of the day (Friday)


Learning Engagement: The students revised the physical characteristics.

  1. Naming the body parts
  2. Health and hygiene

The teacher discussed the scientific names of the body parts. She also discussed how to take care of the body part

Learning Outcome: To help students view themselves as emerging human beings and make them aware about physical characteristics.


Language :

Learning Engagement: The teacher shared her small moments (THINK ALOUD) with the students using a graphic organizer. (Teacher modelling). She also discussed the pre writing process with the students and modelled it on the board.

Learning Outcome: To help students make connections to their own experience when listening to or reading texts.

Learning Engagement : The students did few more pages of “My book about me”, where they wrote their address, their phone number and where they live etc.

Learning Outcome: To know about themselves.

Language: Dictation of the sight words was conducted along with a surprise word(what)


Learning Engagement : The students solved a worksheet of tens and ones, similar to the one sent for homework, where they colored the numbers in accordance with the place value.

Learning Outcome: To help students understand the relationship between 10 and a unit.


Language Development:

Learning Engagement: The learners chanted aloud the conjugation for ‘I see’. They also did pair work – Did you see her new dress? Yes, I did,it is very pretty. No, I’m afraid I didn’t see her new dress.

Learning Outcome: To help students enhance their oral communication skills.