Grade 8 _ Math _ All sections _ Highlights of last week (13th July to 17th July, 2015)

Grade 8 _ Math _ All sections _ Highlights of last week (13th July to 17th July, 2015)

Dear all,

Here is a brief update of what we did from 13th July to 17th July.

1) We started the week with the topic- Surds and where do we use Surds.

2) Then, students were explained the method of simplifying the Surds (Eg- Square root of 18 would be 3 suare root 2) and were given practice by giving few sums on it.

3) We  took all of them to ”Math Lab” to explain the concept of Pythagoras Theorem. They also explored different Math resources.

4) Video on Pythagoras Theorem was also shown in the class to them to get a clear idea about it along with discussion on Pythagoras equation.

5) Unit test paper- 1 (which was taken on 10th July) was also distributed in one of the Math classes.

6) We also started with the sums on Pythagoras Theorem.

Below is the glimpse of the classes conducted in Math Lab to introduce Pythagoras Theorem.

IMG_3186 IMG_3107 WP_20150717_11_51_43_Pro WP_20150717_11_39_11_Pro WP_20150717_11_39_04_Pro WP_20150716_11_51_22_Pro WP_20150716_11_51_07_Pro WP_20150716_11_26_47_Pro WP_20150715_15_43_36_Pro WP_20150715_15_43_43_Pro WP_20150715_15_45_46_Pro WP_20150716_11_26_40_Pro WP_20150715_15_43_30_Pro WP_20150715_15_29_41_Pro WP_20150715_15_29_29_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_50_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_14_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_22_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_34_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_40_Pro WP_20150715_15_13_05_Pro WP_20150715_15_12_58_Pro WP_20150715_15_12_51_Pro WP_20150715_15_12_42_Pro WP_20150715_15_12_26_Pro WP_20150715_15_12_33_Pro IMG_3186


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