Highlights/Day 1, Monday

Highlights/Day 1, Monday

Highlights of the day: Day 1- Monday




Learning Engagement: The learners played the ball game catering to abilities and interests, where they shared their ability by saying “I can” and shared their interest by saying “I like..” The teacher demonstrated the activity for a clear understanding.

Learning Outcome: To help students reflect on their abilities and interests.

Language :

Learning Engagement: The teacher shared her small moments (THINK ALOUD) with the students using a graphic organizer. (Teacher modelling). She also discussed the pre writing process with the students and modeled it on the board.

Learning Outcome: To help students make connections to their own experience when listening to or reading texts.

Learning Engagement : The students did few more pages of “My book about me”, where they wrote their favorite food, subject, mam etc.

Learning Outcome: To know about themselves.


Learning Engagement:The teacher discussed the place value, which helped the students to realize that tens are composed of ones and hundreds are composed of tens. The teacher focused on the transition points in numbers ie. 109-110, 119-120……..

Learning Outcome: To help students model numbers to hundreds or beyond using the base 10 place value system.

Language development:

Learning Engagement:The students were given practice of punctuating the sentence(full stop and capital letter) and proper nouns were revised.

Learning Outcome: To help students understand punctuation and proper nouns.



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