Grade 1 Peace:Highlights for the day:Day 1,Monday-20th July,2015

Grade 1 Peace:Highlights for the day:Day 1,Monday-20th July,2015

Thought of the day:Charity begins at home.


Learning Engagement: The students revised the physical characteristics.

  1. Naming the body parts
  2. Health and hygiene


The teacher discussed the scientific names of the body parts. She also discussed how to take care of the body parts and briefed them about the good touch and bad touch.

Learning Outcome: To help students view themselves as emerging human beings and make them aware about physical characteristics.

Language :

Learning Engagement: The teacher did shared modelling wherein the small moments of learners were stretched and were presented in a form of graphic organizer.

Learning Outcome:To help students make connections to their own experience when listening to or reading texts.


Language development:

Learning Engagement:The students were given practice of punctuating the sentence(full stop and capital letter) and proper nouns were revised.

Learning Outcome: To help students understand punctuation and proper nouns.



Learning Engagement :Each student took a fistful of pulses in his/her hand and poured them out on the table. The student then estimated the number of pulses and wrote it down. He/She then counted them by making them into groups of ten.

Learning Outcome:To help students subitize.



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