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Day: July 20, 2015

Highlights and Homework.

Highlights and Homework.

Day-01, Monday.


Teacher wrote three connecting phrases on the board and made sentence for the same, later learners were instructed to copy it in their Empowering English book.

Teacher discussed story sequencing of given jumbled sentences from the chapter “The dinosaur, who had no friends” from Empowering English reference book.

Teacher had a session  with learners where they  discussed  “bullying”. They discussed what is bullying, why do children bully? How can you help your friends who get bullied? Etc. They were asked to write their understanding through a  worksheet.

Math : Teacher discussed homework in class by solving each sum on the board  followed by peer checking.

Learners played a game on place value using Sthanyaman cards. The learners were given random digits and place values i.e. Ten thousands, hundreds, lakhs etc and they had to arrange the place values in their correct form. Learners who were having digits were asked to stand randomly in front of the place value learners. This way different numbers were created. They were given time-limit to do this learning engagement. All the learners showed enthusiasm and were engrossed during this activity



Write tables of 8 and 9.

Recap of the day (20th July 2015)

Recap of the day (20th July 2015)

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners were asked to write the reflection on “Nature Club” through a Y-chart keeping all the lines of inquiry in the mind that is 1) Purpose of the Nature Club 2) Why people join the Nature Club and 3) Strategies for problem solving within Nature Club.


Learners completed all the exercise after the chapter “The dinosaur, who had no friend”. They did exercise like odd word out, base words, spelling changes, phonics, rhyming words, make new words etc.

Language Development: Learners revised all the grammar concepts through Language with Ease reference book.


Language:New words given in the notebook. New words are Innovate,Illuminate,Initiate,Ideate.Students have to write it each words  3 times in their language book and also make sentences.

Math: 1) Write table of 8 and 9.


Visit to Nuclear family with GrandParents!!!!

Visit to Nuclear family with GrandParents!!!!

As a part of a learning engagement for their ongoing unit Family and Friends, the learners visited the home of a Nuclear Family With Grandparents. Here they met the whole family where the members talked about their roles and responsibilities in the family as well as towards it’s members.

We would like to thank and appreciate the parents  for volunteering for this learning engagement. Thank you so much once again!😊


Zenab Alika

Grade 7_Vision_Math_H.W_ 20th July 2015

Grade 7_Vision_Math_H.W_ 20th July 2015


Dear Math learners,

Following is the Homework…


Topic: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Type of H.W: Checkpoint Exercise

Duration of H.W: Maximum 45 mins


Details of H.W:

Complete Exercise 15.2 B – Remaining sums (Pg. No. 135) from Math Checkpoint 2.

Note: Workout the sums with all steps as shown in class today.


Submission Date:  22/07/2015  (Day 3)



Karan Chevli


Highlights and Homework of 20th July,2015

Highlights and Homework of 20th July,2015


Day 1

Language: Learners were told to find out 10-12 facts about their role model (one whose facts are available online). They noted down the facts in the form of a mind map in a Language book. Teacher supervised the learners and also instructed them not to use Wikipedia as a research tool. Later, learners wrote a biography using the facts which were prepared as a mind map.

U.O.I: Discussion of the difference between the two explortaion timelines was taken by the teacher which helped them understand the concept ‘Change’.

A worksheet was given to the learners to help them understand all the lines of inquiry along with the key concept  in a better way.


Math: Solve the following in your Math notebook:

1). Aana needs 456 paper plates for a birthday party. She already has 235 blue plates and 189 red plates. How many more plates should Aana buy?

2). Identify whether the given number 6265 is divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,9 and 10. Also state reasons for the same.

Keep Reading:)

Highlights and homework of 20th July 2015

Highlights and homework of 20th July 2015

Day 1

Highlights :

MATHS – The teacher modelled the Indian  place value system up-to ten crores. Indian place value system display was prepared and displayed on the board using different color papers. Further teacher asked learners what do they think about the display and what do they know about the displayed letters and which family does this group belongs to. Later, teacher wrote a few numbers on the board and learners noted down the display put up in the classroom in their Math notebook along with few numbers written on the board by the teacher.

For parents reference :

UOI – Learners were given a set of questions as a reflection of the unit, to which they answered in the reflection sheets provided.

Homework :

MATHS – Write the number names in Indian place value system  in table format as taught in the class.
1) 567845786
2) 34768209
3) 127659340
4) 2697459
5) 3200065

Homework – 20th July

Homework – 20th July


Lang: Read till chapter 19 (discussion on wednesday)

Attempt the quiz of ch 15- 17:

Math: Checkpoint- Solve perimeter sums i.e part 1 of ex 18.1 (Solve only perimeter related questions– 1a,b,c,d,e,2a,3a,5a)

UOI– Reflect on the guest session attended today and share what responsibility do you have as a resident of Surat.(To be done in UOI notebook).

WWS:  Score Ideas & Content, Organization, and Voice of your “Experience during recess/PE” piece in the given rubric and also write the comments as discussed in the class.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Parents, please note that Checkpoint Maths has already been given to students. It is a reference book for Maths and they can use it to practice different topics which will be covered in the class.

Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 20th July

Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 20th July

UOI : Learners were given a written piece on forms of government. They read the same in the class and attempted the exercise thereafter.

Math :  Learners revised relationship between all quadrilaterals.

Homework : 

UOI : Complete the worksheet and submit tomorrow. Refer to the attached link for further understanding on forms of governement –

Language : Complete reading till chapter 19. Complete the journal will questions provided till now. Attempt all the quiz provided till now. (We are taking up the discussion tomorrow in the class)

LD : refer through the Day 2 (b) we shall be taking up the same tomorrow in LD slot.