Recap of the day – 20/7/15

Recap of the day – 20/7/15


Day 1 

Settling task – Addition and subtraction sum was given .

U O I - Learners were asked to write the reflection on “Hospital” through a Y-chart keeping all the lines of inquiry in the mind that is 1) Purpose of the Hospital 2) Why people join the hospital and 3) Strategies for problem solving within Hospital.They wrote about what all they observed as well as understood about hospital as an organization.


Language – Teacher did a read aloud of the  chapter 7 “The Monster Fancy dress party” then she asked a student to read the text aloud , after that teacher asked the students  various questions like if they have read any monster comics or seen any films or know of any stories . Has anyone ever dressed up as a monster for a fancy dress?Furthermore, questions  b,d, f  were done orally with proper discussion. They were explained homophones , and language exercises in the reference book (Empowering English).

Teacher did a Read aloud of the book  “Thumbelina”


Language Development: Learners revised all the grammar concepts through Language with Ease reference book.


Math: 1) Write table of 8 and 9.

2) Write commutative property of 98 and 89.

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