Selection list of Chess

Selection list of Chess

Hello all,

Below given list is for the Chess school games 2015-16, which will take place on 21st July 2015 at J B Diamond school.


Name Grade DOB G r No. Categories
Mudit Pankaj Bisani 6 21/07/2004 FSK2011173 Under 14 Boys
Saumya Snehal Shah 6 01/04/2004 FSK2010155 Under 14 Boys
Parisha Amit jain 5 27/04/2005 FSK2009377 Under 14 Girls
Aadya Mayank Jain 2 16/11/2008 FSK2012061 Under 14 Girls
Chirag Anil Sawlani 10 08/02/2000 FSK2008219 Under 17 Boys
Virat Manish Golechha 10 29/06/2000 FSK2010204 Under 17 Boys
Vedika Vijayendra Arya 9 23/10/2000 FSK2012127 Under 17 Girls
Vaidehi Kanaiya Asawa 9 01/03/2001 FSK2014156 Under 17 Girls
Shasvat Vyomesh Solanki 11 18/02/1999 FSK2008384 Under 19 Boys
Vinit Nirav Jogani 11 21/12/1999 FSK2009458 Under 19 Boys



  1. Students have to carry their Chess kit, School ID card and appropriate food for the day.
  2. Competition is at J B Diamond School on 21st July 2015.
  3. All selected students have to come in the morning route and they will leave from school for the competition.
  4. If competition starts according to the schedule students will be back to home by their regular bus route if not than school will inform parents about the delay.


If you have any queries regarding the selection or about the competition you can mail to

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