Highlights of the Day 3 (22th July)

Highlights of the Day 3 (22th July)

Thought of the day – Actions speak louder than words


Learning Engagement:Unpacking the central idea – The students identified the TDT focus. They had a class discussion on ‘what is identity and how do we develop it’. They also discussed the knowledge gained in this unit and made connections. They understood how knowing about themselves helps their self identity to develop.

Learning Outcome:To help the students understand Central idea..


Learning Engagement:The students wrote random number names from 100 to 150 ( 100, 101, 112, 120, 123, 131, 138, 142, 145, 150 ) in their notebooks.

Learning Outcome: To help students connect number names and numerals to the quantities they represent.

Language development:

Learning Engagement:The learners chanted aloud the conjugation of ‘I make’. They also did pair work -Shall I make birthday card for aunt Jaya? Yes,please do, she would love it. No,let us give her a gift instead.

Learning Outcome: To help students enhance their oral communication skills.


Vaishali Patel

HRT G1 Harmony

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