Homework for 22nd July, 2015

Homework for 22nd July, 2015



Continue reading and attempt the following quiz of Ch 15-17 latest by tomorrow.


All these questions should be answered in journal:

  1.  The pros and cons of having someone select your career. Include negative and positive aspects.” ( can be related to government unit as in not having the Rights)
  2. Make a list of the rules in Jonas’ community. Keep adding as you read.
  3. Jonas’ community has a lot of rules. Do you think that’s good or bad? Justify
  4. Brainstorm distinctive memories from growing up. Make sure memories are in complete sentences and not in list form. Next to each memory, each student should categorize the description based on the remembered emotion. “”traumatic””, “”exciting””,..(words good and bad not allowed) Include at least one negative and one positive event
  5. The giver says that without memories knowledge is meaningless, what does he mean?”
  6. “Do you think it’s fair that one person in the community- the receiver- should have to be burdened and pained by the memories so that no one else is? Explain”

Note:- These questions are the ones that I have been posting at regular intervals. I have reposted these all together in order to avoid any confusion. All these questions shall be answered in your online giver journal. Please complete the same latest by 24th July


-Complete remaining sums of ex.18.1 and all sums of 18.2 in Geometry notebook. Download lego builder app in your chromebook through this link ( wont take more than 15 mins on chromebook)

Link- https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/lego%20builder

-Play perimeter game: http:www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/geometry/shapeshoot/PerimeterShapesShoot.htm ( 20 mins)

[Unit Of Inquiry]

-Complete “Who Rules” worksheet if not completed.


Imp Note: Please bring your filled Goal Sheets. No extension will be given.


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