English Literature HW_Grade 10 Quintessence

English Literature HW_Grade 10 Quintessence

Dear students,

As discussed in class, all the below questions of Sredni Vashtar have to be completed by the below submission date. The answers have to be written and NOT typed. All answers carry 25 marks.


Q1: How does Saki bring out varying perspectives of religion in “Sredni Vashtar” ?

Q2: How does Saki foreshadow evil in “Sredni Vashtar”

Q3:  How is “Sredni Vashtar”  the ferret ,an expression of Conradin’s feelings?

Use the below points to frame your answers:

          : Narrative Point of view (Impact)

             Tools used (Impact)

             Use of expressions (Impact)

             Setting (Impact)

             Symbols used (Impact)

Please refer to your class notes and write answers in the Point Evidence and Explain (PEE) format.

Submission date: 4th August, 2015




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