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Day: July 26, 2015

HIghlights of the week:20th to 24th July

HIghlights of the week:20th to 24th July

Circle Time :

Introduction to the rhyme: “Aeroplane Aeroplane up in the sky”

Learners enjoyed circle time with different rhymes like Johnny Johnny, Piggy on the railway, Twinkle-Twinkle, etc.


Revision of Routines and procedures:  

Keeping the water bottle, lunch box, bag and the diary at their assigned place.

Walk in a line.



Central idea: Transportation connects to the community near and far.

Introduction to Air route vehicles:

Teacher introduced Aeroplane, Helicopter, Hot air balloon, Jet plane, Rocket  through different flashcards and videos.

Learners learnt about the difference between Fighter plane and Aeroplane.


Revision of safety rules of the bus:


  • We should wear our seat belt.
  • We should not keep our hands out of the window.
  • We should not stand in the bus.




Learners were given worksheets where they were asked to identify and colour the Air route vehicles.



Words of the week:  Passport, Earth, Space, Astronauts

Visual skills:


  • Learners were taken to the library to visualize different picture story books.


This activity helped in enhancing their Visual skills.


Listening & Visual skills

Learners were asked to see various action videos and imitate the actions accordingly.



  • Math

Quantification of Number 2

Teacher gave different cutouts and asked learners to count stick and create  2 eyes.

Learners learnt the quantification of number 2 with real life objects.


Introduction of shape:Square

Students were asked to find and colour the shape, square.

After that they were asked to make the square shape by sticking the icecream sticks on the given worksheet.


Pre-math concept: Full and Empty.

Learners were given different cutouts of full and empty objects. They were asked to identify them and stick the same on the worksheet.



Free Play:

Learners were given different toys like: Wooden blocks, Soft toys, Kitchen set, Rangometry and Jodo blocks to play.

They enjoyed playing with the toys and mingled up with their friends.

This activity helped them boost their Social skills.


Parents kindly take note:


  • Homework is sent this week.
  • We have sent Drawing book kindly send it back on Monday.
  • You can make them do colouring, Sponge painting, finger painting as per their wish.




Nursery Team