Grade 11 Goal setting appointment slots note

Grade 11 Goal setting appointment slots note

Dear Parents,

The first goal setting conference for Grade 11 is scheduled on 1st August,2015.

The students have set personal goals as well as subject specific goals in consultation with their teachers. The individual student’s goal setting sheet is already shared with the respective parents with commenting rights.

The mentor teachers will discuss the personal goals with the student and the parents and the subject teachers will discuss the subject specific goals.

It is mandatory for all parents to meet the Mentor teachers.

Each student has a 30 minutes slot. First 20 minutes are allotted for the meeting with mentor teachers. The remaining 10 minutes can be used for meeting various subject teachers.  Please note that you should not be spending more than 5-7 minutes with the subject teachers.

Please do not exceed the timing allotted to you.

The mentor teachers will be available in their respective classes for the goal setting meeting.

Please check your parent email for slot booking message.

If you do not know how to book the slots, please refer to the tutorial on the link posted below –

Make sure you reach 5 minutes prior to the appointment  slot.

If you want a slot of your preference then please book it at the earliest.

If you do not book your slots by 30 th July, 2015, we will book the available slots and send you an intimation for the same.


Bhargavi Bergi.

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