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Day: July 28, 2015

Important details for Workshop by Champak on 1st August!

Important details for Workshop by Champak on 1st August!

Dear Students,

An important note for students attending workshop by Champak:

The following students have registered for the workshop.

Creative Writing: Students are required to bring a notepad and pen/pencil.

Anoushka Jariwala
Priyanka Tulsiani
Neev Jogani
Fatema Jariwala
Muskan Jain
Manya Khattri
Mufaddal Sarkar
Vedant Trivedi
Bhavya jain
Avi Nandwani
Shreya Thummar
Aditya vankawala
Gopal Poddar


Designing: Students are required to bring a notepad and pen/pencil.

Vedanshi Changoiwala
Mahima Kania
Ayesha Gandhi
Tanishka Juneja
Kajal Mendiratta
Sanaa Aggarwal
Manasvi Agarwal
Shubham Bhotika
Kanishka Tulsian
Diya Alpesh Shah.
Shail Shah
Parvashi Naik
Disha Sarawagi
Kushal Shah
Sanjana Shah
Vrinda Bubna
Swani Shah
Yashashvi Dalmia
Dhawani Balar


Photography: Students are required to bring a notepad, pen/pencil and a camera. It is mandatory to bring camera, however you can bring any type of camera.

Ami Patel
Punya Khurana.
Naomi Gajjar
Ruhan Desai
Keshav goyal
Hrishita D. Rangoonwala
Rashi Dhenia
Krunal Gajera
Saksham Gaur
Avya Rathod
Drashti Kelawala
Anusha MIttal
Riyaa Ruwala
Avina Agarwal
Sanya Jariwala
Sahil juneja
Ekansh Jain
Jenisha Sarasiya
Hrishita Rangoonwala
Nandita Goyal
Pranjal Bhansali


Date: Saturday, 1st August 2015

Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


  1. Creative Writing: Senior Library
  2. Photography: Pulse
  3. Designing: ICT Lab


Please find below the bus route for Saturday.

Sr No Stop Name Pick Up Time Drop Off Time
1 Someshwara Enclave Main Gate 11:55:00 4:50:00
2 Sargam Shopping Center 12:05:00 4:40:00
3 Sarela Shopping Center 12:10:00 4:35:00
4 Dhiraj Sons Mega Store 12:15:00 4:30:00
5 Vijay Dairy (Gujarat Gas Circle) 12:20:00 4:25:00
6 Navyug College, Rander Road, Surat 12:25:00 4:20:00
7 Tarwadi Char Rasta 12:30:00 4:15:00
Fountainhead School 12:45:00 4:00:00
Sr No Stop Name Pick Up Time Drop Off Time
1 Jay Jalaram Store 11:55:00 4:45:00
2 Sun Tower 12:00:00 4:40:00
3 Amrut Kunj Complex 12:05:00 4:35:00
4 Gandhi Engg. College 12:10:00 4:30:00
5 Trinity Mall 12:17:00 4:23:00
6 L.P.Savani School 12:20:00 4:20:00
7 Prime Arcade Main Road (Opp. ICICI Bank) 12:25:00 4:15:00
8 Subhash Garden 12:35:00 4:10:00
Fountainhead School 12:45:00 4:00:00



Fountainhead School


Grade 9 Serendipity_International Mathematics-Extended_H.W._28/07/2015

Grade 9 Serendipity_International Mathematics-Extended_H.W._28/07/2015

Subject : International Mathematics – Extended

Topic : Surds

Type of Homework : Blendspace(Online)

Tile 15 and 17

Duration : 2 hours

Submission Date : 31/07/2015

Note: You have to submit your notebook before the First break on my desk. Submission  of notebook after First break will not be accepted.

Thanks and Regards,

Jyoti Khandelwal


Highlights and Homework of 28th July, 2015.

Highlights and Homework of 28th July, 2015.

Language :  Poetry : Shared writing: We completed the poem on our school.

Math : Revision of place value system and introduction to “tight” and “loose” form of a number.

UOI : Sharing of rubric and details of summative task.

Homework : UOI: Well-being log: Note your activities pertaining to the factors of well-being (Physical, Food consumed, Mental, Social and spiritual) from 3:30 P.M to 9:30 P.M

Math: Using the place value grid, write the following numbers in their “tight” and “loose” form:

  1. a) 3145
  2. b) 234
  3. c) 1010
  4. d) 5062
  5. e) 62081
  6. f) 57

Language :

  1. Decide a topic for your poetry.
  2. Pre-writing: Create a mind-map using all the words, adjectives, phrases, similes which come to your mind about the topic.
  3. Drafting: Create the first draft of the poem
Highlights and Homework – 28th July

Highlights and Homework – 28th July



Solve the following in your geometry notebook. Copy the questions also. 

Q1. Find the breadth of the rectangular plot of land whose area is 660 m2 and whose length is 33 m. Find its perimeter.

Q2. Find the breadth and perimeter of the rectangle if its area is 96 cm2 and the length is 12 cm.

Q3. 16 mats are required to completely cover the floor of a hall. Each mat is 8m long and 450cm broad. What is the area of the hall?

Q4.An athlete takes 6 rounds of a rectangular park, 35m long and 270cm wide. Find the total distance covered by him.

Q5. Find the cost of fencing a square park of side 175m at the rate of Rs.20 per metre.

Q6. Ishita is making a display board for the school elections. The display board is a ​4.25ft by 6ft rectangle. She needs to add a ribbon border around the entire display ​board. The ribbon is 20p per ft. How much will it cost to put a board around the ​display?

Q7. Mary wants new carpeting for her dining room. Her dining room is an 8yd by 7.25yd ​rectangle. She has bought a 67yd​2​ carpet. How much wastage will she be left with ​after fitting the carpet to the dining room floor?


Revise the story of writer shared (on drive.)


Highlights of the day 28th July

Highlights of the day 28th July

Day 1 – Tuesday


Learners practiced bar graph in their math classwork notebooks.

Teacher opened the flipkart website on the LCD and asked the students  to think they have 2000 Rs to buy things of their choice, they observed the amount of the things they wanted to buy ,then figured out how much they have spent and saved. They were asked to make a word problem using this data.


Learners were given a writing prompt in the class.



You are in a market with your two friends ,your mother gave you 500 Rs to spend all three of you eat ice-creams ,burgers,fruit drinks when one ice-cream is of 30 Rs ,burger is of 25 Rs and fruit drink for Rs 15 .Your mother has asked you to keep an account of the money spent and left with you in the math notebook.Write with proper statements.

To be done in math homework notebook.