Highlights and Homework of 28th July, 2015.

Highlights and Homework of 28th July, 2015.

Language :  Poetry : Shared writing: We completed the poem on our school.

Math : Revision of place value system and introduction to “tight” and “loose” form of a number.

UOI : Sharing of rubric and details of summative task.

Homework : UOI: Well-being log: Note your activities pertaining to the factors of well-being (Physical, Food consumed, Mental, Social and spiritual) from 3:30 P.M to 9:30 P.M

Math: Using the place value grid, write the following numbers in their “tight” and “loose” form:

  1. a) 3145
  2. b) 234
  3. c) 1010
  4. d) 5062
  5. e) 62081
  6. f) 57

Language :

  1. Decide a topic for your poetry.
  2. Pre-writing: Create a mind-map using all the words, adjectives, phrases, similes which come to your mind about the topic.
  3. Drafting: Create the first draft of the poem
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