G8 ICT Syllabus Progress

G8 ICT Syllabus Progress

Dear Parents,

The following topics were covered in last 2 weeks or so in ICT. Learners were given exposure to scratch programming environment. Learners have created scratch projects on the following topics:

  1. My First Project using step by step guide
  2. About Me Project by exploring the About Me project studio – In this project they described about themselves few things in a creative way.
  3. 10 block Challenge – In this project, learners created something interesting by using only 10 commands.
  4. Debugging – Learners were introduced about debugging (finding small errors in a program) process and they solved bugs in 5 projects.
  5. Introduction to Arts themed project – Learners were introduced how scratch programming is closely related to arts and a demo project was shown. They shall now create their own arts themed project in next two classes.

Parents are encouraged to see their child’s projects in their scratch account.

Thanks & Regards,
Nazim Pirani

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