Highlight and Homework.

Highlight and Homework.

Day: 3, Thursday.

Highlights  :

Settling task : Sums based on subtraction.


Aural and oral: Learners did a listening activity to enhance their listening skills.

Learners were also introduced to descriptive writing. They were given exposure to wide range of adjectives which they can use in their writing piece. Later, teacher instructed them to describe their mother using relevant adjective in their writer’s notebook.

Homework :

Language – Describe any 2 family members on the paper given to you use adjectives as we did in the class today use relevant adjective to enhance the description.

Note :

Dear Parents,

 Kindly send one passport size photograph of your child for an activity to be conducted in the class tomorrow .Please if you already have a photo send it tomorrow itself if you don’t have make sure you do the needful and sent it on Friday without fail. Ignore if it is already sent.

Anticipating immediate and positive response.


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