Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 30th July

Highlights and homework – G6 Conjecture – 30th July

Math : Learners checked their learning through a worksheet of area and perimeter.

Language : Learners discussed the over all book The Giver.  We further discussed few aspects like :
what changed Jonas’ opinion of the community?
Was it actually a Utopian community? was everything perfect?
What if the plan failed and Jonas’ is caught?                                                                                                 We concluded the class with understanding the criteria of summative assessment through rubrics.

Homework :

Math : Complete the math practice worksheet. Parents can guide them to math practice worksheet and also check their answers. I have also mailed the additional math work. I encourage you to practice the same.

Language : Complete the journal and attempt the quiz.

Tomorrow ST : Rishika (5 words) & Kush (5 words) to conduct dictation test in ST.

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