Grade 7_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the week_Home Work_31st July 2015

Grade 7_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the week_Home Work_31st July 2015

Dear Parents,

Sharing with you highlights of the week -:

Literature -: This week, we shared the results of the first unit test with the students. Results were satisfactory and scope of improvement is noted for all the students which will be worked upon.

For more detailed understanding of the short story “The landlady – Roald Dahl”, students had attempted the questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy levels (Remembering, Understanding and Applying) as the weekend homework. The answers of these questions were discussed in the class. For more detailed understanding of this story, students were given a task where they had to create a diorama/sketch/storyboard for the section of the story assigned to their group. Students worked collaboratively and enthusiastically in their groups for the accomplishment of this task.

Language –: Students attempted the exercises based on the formation of comparative and superlative adjectives, use of apostrophes and punctuation of dialogue from Unit -12 of the checkpoint workbook. This unit will be continued in the next cycle as well.

Book-Club Slot -: The reading of the selected book and few presentations by the students on the book read by them continued in this slot. We encouraged the students to be punctual with their presentation on the books they read.

Homework -:

Refer to the worksheet (Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions) shared with you all. Complete the question (any one) from the Analysing, Evaluating and Creating level. Prepare the first draft of the answers in your rough notebook. Homework to be submitted by 6th Aug 2015.


Language Team.

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