Highlights of the week: 21st to 23rd March

Highlights of the week: 21st to 23rd March

Circle Time :

Revision of the rhyme: I am a little fish, Mera naam he Hathi Bhai, 1..2..3..4…5. Once I caught a fish alive, My plump puppy, I have a little turtle.

UOI:  Animals

Central idea:

Animals and people interact in different ways in different contexts.



Learners revised their learning of all type of animals through Show and tell activity and discussion time.


Revision of the drills:

Which is your favourite colour?

Which is your favourite farm animal?


Listening & Visual skills:

Learners were asked to listen to the action songs and do the actions accordingly. This activity helped in enhancing their listening and gross motor skills and helped in developing their vocabulary too.

Speaking skills:

Teacher kept flashcards of different stories:

The monkey and the cats.

Thirsty crow

Goldilocks and three bears

Learners were asked to select their favourite story and independently do a read aloud in front of the class with the help of given flashcards.



Revision of colour pattern:

Learners were given rangometries and were asked to make colour patterns from it.


Revision of the 2D shape: Triangle & Rectangle

Students were shown flash cards of objects which were triangular and rectangular in shape.After that learners were given a worksheet where they were asked to identify the triangle shaped objects and colour them green & identify the rectangle shaped objects and colour them purple.



Free Play:

Learners were given different toys like wooden blocks, soft toys, kitchen set, Rangometris and Jodo blocks to play with.

They enjoyed playing with the toys and mingled up with their friends.

This activity helped in enhancing their Social skills.

Important note:

Dear parents kindly send your child’s swimming costume, towel & extra undergarment in a polythene from Wednesday.



Vaidehi Shethji


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