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Day: July 23, 2016

Radio Jockey -Event for DP students

Radio Jockey -Event for DP students

Date: 26th July
Venue: Xbox
Timing: 3.15 pm to 4.30 pm

Rules and Procedures :

Any use of any kind of offensive language or music will immediately disqualify the participant.

The commentary has to be in English only.

The minimum duration of the performance must be 4 minutes and the maximum is 5 minutes including the 2 minutes of the music (1 minute for each track).

The commentary should be the majority of the performance. If a participant plays a track for more than 1 minute, he/she will be marked low. The track timings will be measured by the event coordinators.

The participants must be present at the venue by 3:15pm.

Yogasana Tournament ( SGFI ) 16 – 17

Yogasana Tournament ( SGFI ) 16 – 17

Dear Parent,

Please note the below students will be going for the Yogasana Tournament on 29.07.16 at Vidhya Mangal High School, Navi Pardi, Kamrej Surat.

All the students will come to school by 7:30 am route and will leave for the competition venue from school itself.

The details for arrival will be updated through SMS on the same day.

Things to Carry –

  • Water bottle’s
  • 1 – light snack box & 1 – heavy snack box.
  • ID Card
  • Yoga Mats

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Bhasin

Under-17 Girl’s
No. Student ID Name D.O.B Grade Section
1 FSK2008187 Sanaa Rajat Aggrawal 22/6/2002 9 Serendipity
2 FSK2013130 Aarohi Anant Agrawal 31/5/2002 9 Serendipity
3 FSK2010180 Nishi Vipul Shah 4/12/2002 9 Eureka
Under-17 Boy’s
No. Student ID Name D.O.B Grade Section
1 FSK2014218 Arham Bikash Jain 15/06/2004 7 Vision
Under-14 Girl’s
No. Student ID Name D.O.B Grade Section
1 FSK2008021 Sakshi Jagat Viradia 7/12/2005 6 Contemplate
Grade 11_Economics_Highlights of the week

Grade 11_Economics_Highlights of the week

Dear Parents,

After covering all about the basics of economics and what they can expect from economics as a subject in the next two years, we moved on to the first unit of the syllabus which is Micro economics.

We started with the topic of markets and their evolution, then to demand, demand curve and law of demand. Students made their own demand curves on graph papers of products they like.

We then also started on the topic of supply and covered it by the end of the week. We had a great first week and look forward to teaching this batch. All of us shared many real life examples with lots of doubt solving and also solving through real life articles, we saw a couple of good articles too.

Anbu and Parth sir

Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Dear All,
We are pleased to announce that Mihir Shah of Grade 7-Acuity, won the chess tournament organised by Sandesh in the under-13 category in Surat on  7th July, and was awarded  a prize of Rs. 3000/-. He also won the runner-up position in this category in Baroda.
Watch the video by Sandesh News.
Apart from this Mihir has also been honoured with the title of “mathematics boy” by Divya Bhaskar newspaper on the occasion of World Maths Day which was held on 12th July 2016.
Fountainhead School.