Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi

Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi

Dear Parents and Students,

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” that’s what the age old saying tell us, which means a true friend is a friend who help us when we really need him/her.  

This week we started a new topic   “Mitra ho to Aisa” from Hindi book Sankalp . Students were made too read a loud the story and made them understand the meanings of difficult words and  help them with their synonymous and antonyms as well. The story  about the Karna a great warrior of  Mahabharata  .

Students were shown a video of   conversation of  Lord Krishna and Karna. In this video  Lord Krishna suggested  Karna to follow the path of Dharma and join the Army of Pandava  But Karna refused to join the Pandava because when everybody disowned him and even insulted Karna, Duryodhan stood by him not only by considering him as an equal but also by bestowing him a rajya for his capabilities in the great mythology Mahabharata.

Best Regards,

Hindi Team.

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