Highlights of the week: 1st Aug to 5th Aug

Highlights of the week: 1st Aug to 5th Aug

Circle time:

Phonological awareness:
Word of the week-“Proactive”
Morning message:­ I am proactive. I take charge of my work
Revision of the sounds ‘s’,’a’,’t’ and ‘number 3’as an entry ticket.

Introduction of rhyme:
Willoughby wallaby wee, an elephant sat on me
Willoughby wallaby woo, an elephant sat on you.
Willoughby wallaby wabrielle, an elephant sat on Gabrielle.
Willoughby wallaby wevan, an elephant sat on Evan
And, Finishing with all the children’s name.
Later, Students were asked to make rhyming with their names using any sounds they want.

Revision of rhymes:
A fishing we will go(2), we’ll catch a fish and put it in a dish and never let it go.
A hunting we will go(2), we’ll catch a fox and put it in a box and never let it go.
Humpty dumpty sat on the wall..
Incy wincy spider….

Free play:
Jodo blocks
Wooden blocks
Ganit mala

PlayHouse: The learners were taken to the playhouse wherein they took up different roles as father, mother, uncle, aunty, kids etc. and played with the resources provided to them. This activity helped them to develop their social skills.

Puppet theater: Learners were divided into groups of 4. Each group was provided with one puppet.
And were asked them to discuss about questions:
[1.Is your puppet human? Or animal? Or something completely different?2)How old is your puppet?3)Is your puppet a boy or a girl?4)What does your puppet look like? 5) Is your puppet mean? Nice? Happy? Sad? What kind of personality do they have? 7) Does your puppet have a lot of friends? Or do they prefer to be alone?8)What is your puppet’s favorite food?9)What does your puppet like to do for fun?] Then they described their puppet in front of the class.
This activity helped learners to improve their oral fluency.

Introduction of letter i
1)Teacher introduced letter ‘i’ through Imaginative story :
One day, I was walking in the garden and I saw the bench.I was tired so I was sitting there for sometime.When I opened my eyes, there were insects on the ground and were trying to walk on my leg.I woke up and sat under the tree.I was missing mamma so I took out the ink pot and ink pen and wrote a letter for mamma.Then, I started walking to go home but I saw few kids were making igloo in the sand. I also played with them and I went home.
2) Later on Introduction of letter ‘i’ was done by objects related to letter ‘i’ kept in the imagination box.{Igloo,Ink pot,ink,India,instruction,injection,insect,Iguana, infant,inch, inch tape, infants, inspect, Teacher also focused on the middle sound ( pin, bin, tin, pig, sick, gift, ring, fish, kid, mix}
3)Teacher Introduced the symbol ‘’i’’ , its sound and formation of the letter in the air. ( come down, take a small curve and put a dot)
4)Teacher did the read aloud of the “i” book. 5)Letter ‘i’ worksheet was done in class.

Link was shown to kids for the letter ‘i’ :

Information given about “Igloo”.
Learning centers:
WS 1:clay sticking and letter tracing on laminated sheet of letter i & t
WS 2: letter i worksheet ( circling)
WS 3: sorting of the picture objects with its letters ( i & t)
WS 4: letter clipping ( associating letter with its objects)
WS 5: free writing on the slate.

1)Introduction of number 4 through Old Macdonald rhyme:
There was old macdonald puppet & the farm animals were kept in the class. The teacher asked
” What is same among all these animals?”After all the common things they came up, then they came to legs, and learners were asked further “How many legs do they have?”And number 4 was introduced.
Later,they were asked to think of another things which have 4 legs but they are non-living. Eg. table, chair, cars etc.
2)Thereafter, number 4 was written in the air and on board.
3)Number 4 through Ganit mala and Number board.
4)Number booklet (Page for number 4)

Revision of pattern was done using different manipulatives. For example, Rangometry, pencils, erasers, etc.
Learners were asked to make patterns using their own body. For example, Clap – Snap, Girl – Boy, Up – Down, Stand – Sit, etc

Visual arts activities:
Language: Learners were given a paper where there was the outline of an igloo.Teacher has role modeled how to make igloo.Then, learners were given different cutouts of white paper which they have used to complete the igloo.
Math:Pattern book – Sheet 16, 17 & 38

Guided Play :
Language:The children were asked to roll a dice and whatever number comes on dice, children were asked to hop that many times, and to read a letter/tricky word where the child has landed on.
Math:The teacher called 4 kids at a time. She has given them 1/2/3/4 jodo blocks. First of all she has asked them to count the number of jodo blocks they have got, then she has asked them to find the ball on which has the number written which is same as the number of jodo blocks. They then had to put the ball in the bucket which has the same number.

Transdisciplinary theme :- Who we are
Central Idea:- We use our senses to discover and understand our world.
Learning engagements for Sense of smell:
1)Introduction of Fragrance smell was done, wherein learners were asked to smell incense sticks, flowers, powder, perfume, and room freshener was sprayed in the class.
2)Introduction of foul smell by taking them to the toilet and near the garbage bin.
3)Introduction of aroma by making them the smell of coffee ,cake and popcorn.
Odour,pleasant, unpleasant smell were the words given for the smell.

Worksheet – Cut and color booklet of letter “i”


  • Kindly send the worksheet in the folder itself.
  • Please share your child’s reflection at home about his/her learning through Daily Dairy.

Happy Weekend!!!


Junior KG team.

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