Day 1 of Junoon Arts at School Project

Day 1 of Junoon Arts at School Project

The Junoon Arts at School Project is currently underway @ Fountainhead School. It is an intensive immersion in arts for grade 3-4-5 . The idea of this project is to develop an appreciation for the arts (theater in particular) ,the creative process and artistic journey.

Students have been given an innovatively designed passport which has various stops in their journey. Day 1 was “trip to theater”

Students were taken to Sanjeev kumar auditorium to watch the play “Kyun Kyun Ladki” based on a story by Mahasweta Devi. Students were given an opportunity to ask questions about the play and the performances after the play.

The play showcased beautifully how without props too and by just using their body, actors can adapt to any role. The actors in the play only used their bodies to depict animals like fishes, cows, goats, snakes and everyday objects like  a water pump, a hookah etc

Another learning experience for our students through this process was how to behave like a respectful audience like sit silently and  watch a live performance for 90 minutes. A huge challenging task for them , which some struggled with and some executed successfully.

All in all, a day well spent!


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