Day 2 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 2 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016.

DAY 2 – Stage Encounter

We started the day with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity to meet Ms. Shaili Sathyu, who is the director of ‘Kyun Kyun Ladki.’  Our Gracious Guides built a lot of excitement about the session beforehand. We were left awestruck with the thought of meeting her; and listed down a lot of questions to know about the play and artistic’ journey.

However, we had no idea about the session as to how will it look like; whether we’ll get a chance to ask questions or not? Will the artists be approachable? Will they answer all our questions? In fact, with all such sorts of wondering, we decided to hold on to all our questions till we get to interact with the awesome and talented artists.

Hurray! Our kind and generous, Gracious Guides gave us the signal to move on to the venue for the grand session with Ms. Shaili Sathyu and her team.

As we reached, we could feel a generous and kind aura in the room. All the artists present in the room, gave a sweet smile  and a warm welcome. We were at ease by this time, as we were sure that we are going to get all the answers to our questions.

Ms.Shaili and her team along with our kind Gracious Guides managed the place very well. Let me tell you here, we students at times get really over excited and forget all our mannerisms.

Hey! Nevertheless, at every single point our Gracious Guides reminded us to stay calm and quiet in most of the situations, during the session.

We had a lovely interactive round with the artists and got to know about how can we use our own body to create different props. That was very interesting and we collected a lot of good and innovative ideas too. Well! But the day did not end here! Before we could call off a day, our Gracious Guides did not reveal the suspense to us; to be more precise, they did not tell us as to what is expected out of us or what are we going to perform on the D-Day.

And then we had to say…..



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